PT. Jakarta Pallet Service was founded in 2003 and is today a pioneer in pallet rental services in Indonesia. Operating under a different name, JPS exported pallets to Japan in the 90's, then in 1998 shifted to pallet rental as a response to local demand. In 2003, PT Jakarta Pallet Service was officially founded as a pallet rental company. In 2014, JPS expanded its business into three sectors:

  • Pallet Rental,
  • Pallet Sales, and
  • Pallet Maintenance

In the industrial industry, whether its logistics, manufacturing, or warehousing, pallet is essential in the production and supply chain. JPS has a developed a wide range of pallet products to meet the growing demand for pallet in Indonesia. JPS has over 200.000 pallets in circulation and operates in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in the pallet industry, be the leading pallet supplier in Indonesia, and add significant value to our customers, business partners, and stakeholders through effective and efficient performance.

Our Mission

Being a Pallet Supply company that 

  • Offer above market quality pallets, higher than our competitors, that meets our customer needs.
  • Offer efficient solutions that mutually benefits bout us and our customers.
  • Support our customers to the best of our abilities.
  • Is innovative and is a market leader in the global pallet industry.

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