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Our pallets are made from Indonesian native semi-hardwood and hardwood, such as mahogany, Sundanese zither (Kecapi), Durian, Indonesian Laurel (Salam), and others. We guarantee your products will be safe and secure on our pallets.

Our rental pallets sizes are as follows:


1. Four Way 100 x 120 x 15cm - Flexible

Where "flexibility" is key, this block pallet offers the most flexible and robust solution. This is also the most commonly used pallet.




2. Two Way 100 x 120 x 12cm - Lightweight

Where “efficiency” is key, this stringer pallet is a lightweight pallet that is sturdy and is designed for efficiency.



3. Two way 120 x 120 x 14cm - Symmetrical

Where “symmetry” is key, this stringer pallet is ideal for square material such as raw material and barrels.

*This pallet can be notched for four way entry.




4. Two way 120 x 100 x 14,5cm - Strong

Where "strength" is key, this stringer pallet is an alternative pallet to the block pallet, offering higher static support.

*This pallet can be notched for four way entry.



5. Two way 140 x 110 x 14cm - Heavy Duty

Heavy duty pallet, this is a double deck pallet and is our strongest rental product. This pallet is ideal for heavy loads and larger items..




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