If your business need pallets, you will at one point ask the question, is it better to buy pallets or to rent them? Lets have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting pallets.

Rental Advantages

  • There does not need to be a large upfront cost for the pallets. 
  • Rental charges can be set against tax liabilities to provide more efficient use of company funds
  • Better stock availability as the pallet supplier will always have ready stock and you don't need to stock a large amount of pallets in a warehouse.
  • Supplier have regular pallet inspections & verifications to ensure pallets are maintained at a high quality and at industry standard, hence reducing the risk of product damage and also increasing safety
  • Outsourced pallet repair and tracking.

Rental Disadvantages

  • For those who have a custom unique size pallet, purchasing pallet will give them the exact size. When renting you need to choose from a list of pallet choices.
  • When renting, you are required to upkeep pallets and maintain pallets at the supplier standard which could introduce unforseen additional costs
  • Purchasing allows you to resell pallets that are no longer used.
  • Purchasing gives you higher control over your pallet as they are 100% yours.

Pallet rental is not for every company and you will need to concider all aspects when choosing to rent or to purchase pallets. However, whether you choose to rent or to purchase pallets, JPS can serve you!

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