Jakarta Pallet Service

PT Jakarta Pallet Service was founded in 2003. PT. Jakarta Pallet Service (JPS) only rents out the best pallets made of quality wood ( jungle wood: Mahogany, Durian, Mangga, Linus, kecapi, sonokeling, etc.).

We currently serve various local and multinational companies with various business fields such as Food, Beverage, Pharmacy, Logistics, Retail Warehousing, and others.


Forget buying pallets, it will be tiring and inconvenient for your company.

Renting pallets is much easier and more practical because it will free your company from Pallet Activities and Maintenance Costs.

So don’t waste time on pallets, you better concentrate on your business, while for pallet needs, let JPS handle it.

With the existing opportunities and supported by experienced and expert human resources, PT Jakarta Pallet Service can grow and develop until now. The total number of pallets that have been rented is 250,000 thousand pallets with several types of pallets available.

Vision PT. Jakarta Pallet Service

Becoming a pioneer company dedicated to providing added value to customers, business partners, and related parties through effective, efficient performance to achieve maximum profit.

Mission PT. Jakarta Pallet Service

To become a Classy, Competent, and always developing pallet management company through:
  • Continuous innovation and improvement.
  • Increase market share and market leader.
  • Become a Market leader in Processed Wood (Wooden Pallet)