Sales & Maintenance

Pallet Sales

New Pallet

Through a steady supply of wood and a large variety of wood types, JPS can support your business in whatever pallet you wish to purchase. Please click here to contact our sales team for a quote.

Used Pallet

Jakarta pallet also sells ex rental pallet depending on stock availability. Our rental stock can either be purchased “as is” or after our general maintanance process has been completed. Our used pallets, after it is maintained, is 95%-100% similar quality as a new pallet. Our rental palelts go through a strict quality checks to ensure JPS pallet standard pallet is met. Please click here to contact our sales team for a quote.

Pallet Maintenance

Regular pallet maintenance significantly reduces product damage and increases work place safety. An estimated 20% to 25% components of a wooden pallet is damaged every year depending on usage. The key to successful wooden pallet maintenance is wood. Without a dependable wood source, maintenance can be a tedious task. JPS has a secure and trusted network of wood supply and can repair a wide range of wooden pallets. Through outsourcing your pallet repair to JPS, you can save time and reduce interruptions in your daily operations. JPS can also offer fumigation and treatment of wooden pallets.